étrange OK GRP (aide d'identification)

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étrange OK GRP (aide d'identification)

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Désolé de ne pas demander en français, mais j'espère que vous ne me dérange pas un marin écossais OK de poser une question rapid.

I have seen the OK in the pictures for sale fairly near me. However, there is no hull number or makers name to be found. Both hull and deck are GRP so it makes me think it was built by a professional boat builder.

So far after looking through all UK OK database, loads of photos UK and abroad, Also posted on UK OK class forum and so far nobody has been able to identify who made the hull, in fact not found anyone who had seen one like this before. Though myself and a few others really like the layout.

This has made me think it is not a UK boat and was maybe made (in low volume) in Europe somewhere but not high enough volume to have a large volume of the hulls in use and even less in UK.

If anyone recognises the hull design and can tell me who the boat builder was that would be hugely appreciated.

Kind Regards


Image 123346048 by mr1macuk, on Flickr

Image 123345976 by mr1macuk, on Flickr

And looks like rudder is a 15deg so guess was sailed seriously at some point
Image 123346206 by mr1macuk, on Flickr
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Re: étrange OK GRP (aide d'identification)

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Hi John,

I never seen in France this very specific design of sidedecks.
It is not a french OK-Dinghy.

Good luck !

Best regards.
Frédéric Lamarque
Yole-OK FRA 1764